Genetic diabetes patients can live without insulin injection

Dundee University researchers have found that in case of the genetic diabetes patients, sulphonylurea tablets, can remove the need for insulin injections. They have found it , while treating a 33 year old diabetes patient. She has developed diabetes around 12 weeks after her birth.

This 33 year old genetic diabetes patient Niona MacDougall, had decided to go through this new treatment. Her condition is better now. In her own words,

“Life now is easier, more comfortable and just generally happier. I just generally feel a lot better and my diabetes is under much better control now.Since coming off insulin I’ve also lost over a stone in weight, which is great.”

The gene fault was identified by Dr Ewan Pearson, of the university’s biomedical research institute. Dr Pearson stressed that while the treatment did not work for patients with the far more common Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it did show that scientists were making strides in gaining a greater understanding of the disease. He said,

“I am sure there are other people in Scotland and the rest of the UK who, like Niona, have diabetes that developed at a very young age.”

Source: The Press and Journal

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