Genera’s promising drug to treat diabetes and obesity simultaneously

The drug, Trodusquemine manufactured by leading biopharmaceutical company Genera is a highly selective inhibitor of PTP1B. The preliminary Phase 1b clinical trial of this medicine for the treatment of diabetes and obesity has proved to be highly successful.

The chief component of this drug is MSI-1436. It has been administered to overweight and obese type 2 diabetic subjects. The reports of the trial were highly encouraging.

The results suggest that MSI-1436 can be tolerated well. No severe adverse effects were observed. Additionally, no dose-limiting toxicities were reported.

The recent discovery of a novel binding site of MSI-1436 is the key to its selectivity and safety to date. The company is preparing for study the subcutaneous administration of MSI-1436 to the human subjects in the laterĀ  part of 2009.

Source:Pharmaceutical BUSINESS Review

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