Gene test not effective to predict future developments of diabetes

Recent study by the Boston researchers have found that gene test may not be fruitful in diabetes treatment. It is no better than asking some general traditional questions regarding weight, family history or smoking status.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, presents analysis of more than 16 genes linked to type 2 diabetes. It found that the information they provided was no better than traditional risk factors, including blood sugar levels.

The team of the researchers, led by Dr. James Meigs looked at 18 sites on the human genome and followed 2,377 people taking part in a larger medical study for 28 years. Genes pointed to diabetes in just 4 percent of the volunteers.

In the second stage of the study they have examined 16 genetic sites on more than 18,800 Swedish and Finnish volunteers. At the end, they have concluded that gene tests plays a very small effect on the ability to predict the future development of type 2 diabetes.

The lead researcher said,

“The results suggest that ‘personalized medicine’ that is made possible by the expanded understanding of genetics is not yet as useful for the prediction of the risk of diabetes in adults as it is for other potential applications.”

Source: Reuters

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