Gastric bypass surgery more effective to control diabetes

France based researchers have presented a new study to explain the difference between the lap-band surgery and gastric bypass surgery to reverse the symptoms of diabetes. They find that the changes in the intestine make all the difference in controlling the effects of diabetes.

The researchers in the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale have studied the experiment in mice. They find that the gastric bypass removes about two-thirds of the stomach and produces a double intestine at the same time. The portion closest to the stomach is taken out of the loop so that it receives no nutrients. The segment normally farther down is then attached directly to the stomach, where it receives all the nutrients coming in.

Blood sugar synthesized in the intestine pours into the portal vein and The walls of the portal vein system detect the glucose and inform the brain. It is important signal for decreasing hunger. The important new element of glucose is production by the intestine. It also increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar, improving the symptoms of diabetes.Glucose production by the intestine lowers glucose production by the liver, which accounts for a much greater overall proportion of blood sugar synthesis. While gastric banding, in which a prosthetic band is placed around the upper stomach, works for weight loss, it doesn’t affect the intestine at all and lacks the immediate metabolic benefits of bypass.

Studies in the mice, shows that the Gastric bypass lost its insulin-sensitizing benefits in those GLUT-2-deficient mice. Similarly, mice whose portal veins had lost their nerve supply also stopped responding to the surgical procedure.
To conclude, the researchers find that the gastric bypass may be an effective treatment for diabetes in obese patients. It might even have potential for people who are diabetic, whether they are obese or not.

Source: Science Daily

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