Free KidCare Kit for newly diagonised children with Type 1 diabetes

“Don’t worry, Be happy!” is what we want to convey to all dearest children suffering from diabetes and their ailing family members.

Sanofi aventis, an affiliate of sanofi-aventis, a leading global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions to help improve the lives of patients together with Children with Diabetes, a national diabetes advocacy group offering support and education for children with diabetes and their families has conducted a research survey on diabetes related people and thereby decided to distribute a free KidCare Kit to all children who have just received a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes.

The kit comprises of the following:
1) An explicit manual for using the kit.

2) 60 diabetes “Quick Cards” containing wholesome information about the disease and its treatment procedure.

3) Many “Give One” cards containing information about contacts in case of emergency.

4) A DVD containing testimonials of other families with children having diabetes.

5) A “Calorie King” carbohydrate counter book to help families plan meals and anticipate insulin doses based on calculated intake of carbohydrates

What is the motivation behind this kind of distribution?

Jeff Hitchcock, founder and CEO of Children with Diabetes feels that when a child is first investigated with type 1 diabetes the entire family becomes emotionally and physically overwhelmed.They immediately need some help or guide to provide them with resources to look after the child.The KidCare Kit is the perfect choice and the most dependable friend at that moment.

Smiling again Ah? relived a bit? that’s the spirit, just take care and enjoy.


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  1. Lora M. Nora RN MS NP-C Says:

    TO Whom It May Concern,

    I am a certified school nurse and family nure practitioner working in Illinois School District U-46. I have several students who are Type 1 diabetics. My own son is a newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. Could you please tell me how I might obtain a copy of the free KidCare Kit for diabetics. I feel that it would be a wonderful resource. Thank you


    Lora M. Nora

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