Former model gives her tips on diabetes food

So finally a new the diabetes patients would love to hear. B. Smith,the former fashion diva gives some tips on how to cook food for diabetes patients. Also the former style icon is the owner of a giant food chain.

Here is the summarized version of her tips:
1. To cut fat considerably, make a turkey breast, or roast the whole turkey and remove the skin.
2. Instead of butter, rub the bird with canola oil or Promise spread.
3. For the stuffing, use low-sodium or sodium-free stock, whole-grain bread or brown rice–and do not limit yourself to onions and celery; add chopped carrots and other veggies too.
4. Cook the stuffing in a casserole dish, not inside the turkey. This way, the turkey fat can’t ooze its way into the stuffing. To make up for the lost flavor from the drippings, use extra herbs, including sage.
5. For dessert, rely on familiar flavors, not traditions. For example,

Also she shares some more menu for the regular use:
1. Make the cranberry sauce with sugar-substitute or agave syrup—a natural sweetener from the agave plant that has a low glycemic index.
2. Serve them the white meat, which has less fat.
3. Prepare extra vegetables for the table, say green beans or a large tossed salad.
4. For dessert, next to the pies, put out a tempting bowl of fresh seasonal fruit or small baskets of unsalted nuts. Or better still, put out a bowl of unshelled nuts with fancy nutcrackers. This way, guests can’t just “chow down.” They have to work for their treats.

Source: Parade

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