Egypt gets first diabetes hotline

November is considered as the diabetes awareness month. Many countries and nations are taking steps against this future epidemic. The recent addition is Egypt. On occasion of the World Diabetes Day, Egyptian Association for Diabetes (EAD) launched country’s first diabetes hotline. The hotline is Allo Sukkar Mazboot 16363.

The hotline is to provide therapeutic education to diabetic adults, adolescents and children, which comprises basic information on diabetes, application of the treatment, dealing with emergencies, nutrition and life with the chronic illness. The team working on the hotline also includes pediatricians, psychologists and nutritionists.

Allo Sukkar Mazboot 16363, is a partnership between local and international organizations including Parma University in Italy, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Foundation Servier, VACSERA, the Ministry of International Cooperation, Ministry of Health and Population and the Rotary Club of Cairo. Sponsors include Telecom Egypt, Alcatel-Lucent and Mobinil.

Organizers say calls to the hotline cost the same as the local calls, and it is open from 9 am to 9 pm. Within six months, the hotline will be open 24 hours a day. The staff at the call center have access to a data bank that contains frequently asked questions with model answers that a committee of physicians and diabetes specialists has prepared. It also has information on emergency treatments, a guide to hospitals and health units, and other relevant subjects. In case the staff member answering a call doesn’t know the answer, the supervising doctor takes over. If this doctor doesn’t know the answer, the caller is transferred automatically to a consultant.

Laila El Sioufi, president of Egyptian Association for Diabetes said,

“Everyone has to contribute and help. In Egypt we often tend to criticize and say that the government is not doing enough and that the government doesn’t help; all of us have an obligation [to contribute either] by help, presence … but we can’t rely on the government exclusively.”

Source: Daily News Egypt

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