Dogs Can Predict Hypoglycemic Seizure in Diabetics

Talia Greek & RoxyTalia Greek’s golden retriever puppy is more than just her best friend - she can potentially save her young owner from life-threatening hypoglycemic seizures.

Eight-year-old Talia from Australia was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago and has already been admitted to hospital several times with dangerously low blood-sugar levels.

This week, Talia’s new puppy Roxy will begin training as a seizure-alert dog able to recognise when sugar levels are not right, preventing hypoglycemic fits. Dogs can predict seizures by sniffing a person’s sweat.

The training director for Paws for Diabetics, a non-profit organisation that places diabetic-alert dogs in homes, said the concept was still new in Australia, with just seven dogs accredited across the country.

Lorraine Jessep said most of those placements had worked well.

“Most of the dogs alert within the first couple of days and certainly, all within the first week,” Ms Jessep said.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

I am looking for more information on this topic as to how we can train dogs to warn about hypoglycemic incidents. This would certainly be most beneficial for diabetics with aggressive blood sugar control with insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents.

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