Discovery of key molecular partnership may help fight obesity and diabetes epidemics

Team leader Dr. Mitchell Lazar and doctoral student Theresa Alenghat of University of Pennsylvania studied and discovered a key molecular partnership that could coordinates body rhythms and metabolism.

Researchers studied a protein called NCoR that modulates the body’s responses to metabolic hormones.

They engineered a mutation in mice that prevents NCoR from working with an enzyme that’s normally its partner — HDAC3. The animals showed changes in the expression of clock and metabolic genes, and were leaner, more sensitive to insulin and on different sleep-wake cycles than controls.

This new findings suggests NCoR-HDAC3 partnership through some epigenetic change, able to control the body’s internal clock, and, metabolism.

Therefore scientists hope that in the future, partnership of NCoR and HDAC3 would be a valuable weapon to fight back another deadly partner diabetes and obesity. []

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