Dialysis demands a handsome amount of $5 billion from diabetic patient

Diabetes and hypertension can lead to end-stage renal disease or kidney failure. In such conditions when kidney stop functioning dialysis is the only treatment procedure.

Dialysis is not fun at all. Irrespective of the huge financial toll it literally handicaps you. You won’t be able to carry out a full-time job or travel long distances.

Larry Silver, 73-years old was a truck driver. Diabetes damaged his kidneys. Now he has to spend four hours, three times a week on dialysis at the DaVita dialysis center in Swannanoa. This he has to continue throughout his life.

According to the N.C. Institute of Medicine, about $5billion is needed per year to treat someone with chronic kidney disease.

Dr. Winfield Word-Sims, a nephrologist at Mountain Kidney Associates claims that diabetes is the No. 1 cause for people needing dialysis and as that number gets bigger the number dropping into dialysis gets bigger.

The most sad part of the story is that diabetes is increasing in USA at an alarming rate. Obesity being the primary and most vital cause. Though Americans are aware and alert about diabetes hardly there is any family  untouched by this chronic disorder.


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