Diabetics Twice as Likely To Suffer Hearing Loss

An US team of researchers have identified that diabetes can work as a major reason of hearing loss. The study by the group of researchers have found out that adults with diabetes are about twice as likely to have impaired hearing. It can be added that hearing loss has so far been an unrecognised feature of diabetes.

Dr Kathleen Bainbridge,
of the researcher group said, “We found that hearing loss was much more common in people with diabetes than people without the disease.”

The new study has come out after an analysis of the of a national hearing survey of more than 5,000 US adults. People were tested for their ability to hear low, middle and high frequency sound. Results from 399 diabetes sufferers showed that 21% suffer from hearing impairment in respect of low to mid-frequency sounds in their worst affected ear. In contrast only 9% of 4,741 people without diabetes had the same kind of hearing impairment.

It is worthwhile to mention that almost two million people in the UK are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and 500,000 or more Britons are thought to have the disease without knowing it.

To conclude, diabetes is responsible for the damage of the small blood vessels and nerves in the body and can lead to blindness or lost limbs.

Source: The Press Association

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