First Online Nutrition Meter For Diabetic Patients

MyFoodAdvisorAmerican Diabetes Association (ADA [] ) for the first time is going to launch an online tool named MyFoodAdvisor [] . This tool will help to judge the calorie level of the food that a diabetic or cardiac patient take.

Diabetes has already taken a shape of an Epidemic. This epidemic is caused due to the high level of insulin in the blood.

Diabetes patient often worry about there diet as they have to check their weight and calorie level of the food they take. For the first time American Diabetic Association has invented a tool that will help the diabetic and cardiovascular patients to check their diet.

This tool have the full information about the food which is taken by a diabetic, heart disease, kidney disease, and figure conscious person. It also gives information on different types of recipes.

This tool have information about 22 different nutrients. It suggests healthy alternatives, and do analyzes the food type as based on the American Association Exchange lists.

Thus this new tool will help a diabetic patient and his family to explore a dish without thinking of the calorie level.

ADA is going to organize a chat “Ask the Expert” related to healthy eating on 12 August 2008. The topic of the chat includes

*Exploring of Foods


*Making a dish

So health conscious people can use this opportunity to know about their diet by talking to the expert.

Source: Marketwire

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