Diabetic Neuropathy Pain Relief Through Anodyne Therapy

The Fitness and Rehab Center at Perry County Memorial Hospital has been treating neuropathy patients with anodyne therapy which uses infrared rays from small pads placed over the skin to increase circulation and reduce pain in that area.

“The anodyne actually breaks down the nitric oxide off from the sugary surface of the hemoglobin so it can dilate the vessels,” explained Terry Davis, physical therapist at The Fitness and Rehab Center.

“This allows the nerve to be oxygenated and nourished. Some patients have positive results after just a few treatments while others may take up to 12 or more treatments.”

In the 18 months the therapists have been doing anodyne therapy, about 90 percent of the patients have had good results. The treatment usually is three times a week for 30-40 minutes. The therapists also help the patients with a home exercise program that helps promote better blood flow enhancing the circulation for better healing.

Anodyne has been clinically proven to increase microcirculation which decreases pain and numbness and restores protective sensation.

“This helps to improve balance and speed up the healing of chronic wounds,” said Davis.

“It is important for those considering anodyne therapy to know that this is a treatment not a cure.”

Link [www.perryvillenews.com/articles/2005/11/03/news/news01.txt]

Why not good old Benfotiamine?

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