Diabetes, United nations major threat now impacting on nations health care dollars

United states is facing its worst time as a recent report shows that Diabetes is threatening the nation’s health care dollars.

Recent study done by the Department of Health shows that near about 102,000 people in the Island of United States are suffering from diabetes which makes the effected number 24 million, nationally.

This in turn is creating a huge impact in the medical expenditures for a person with diabetes as report shows that annually $11,744 is being spend on the diabetic which is more than two times greater than the cost for someone without diabetes. This is also effecting the cost of the country increasing upto 32 percent nearly about, $174 billion annually, in the past five years. All these costs include $116 billion in diabetes-related medical expenditures and $58 billion in indirect costs from absenteeism, lost productivity and early death.

Another related report given by the Hawaii Health Informatics Corp, shows an significant increase (doubled) in the hospital charges for diabetes in the past 10 years from $303 million in 1997 to $746 million in 2007. Which is ultimately threatening the whole nations health system costs.

Source: https://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/

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