Diabetes UK to take step to fight diabetes growth in UK

After USA, its time for the UK to take immediate action against the killer disease- diabetes. Before we discuss about those actions, lets have a look at the diabetes situation of the country.

In a recent study, it was found the country has diabetic population of 2.5 million. Also there are more 500,000 effected who are not aware of the condition.

According to a recent Diabetes UK study, North Western province of Makerfield alone has a diabetes population of 4,307. And the number is feared to go upto 6,000 by 2025.

As response to this, the Makerfield MP Ian McCartney is calling for action to tackle a diabetes “timebomb”. The Diabetes UK is about to launch Make Diabetes a Priority, a list of 10 concerns that policy-makers should address.

In his speech Mr McCartney said,

“Discrimination in the workplace, bullying of schoolchildren with the condition, blindness and the loss of limbs paint a picture of a cruel condition that will affect over 5,900 people in the Makerfield area by 2025 unless action is taken now.”

Source: wigantoday.net

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