Diabetes Patients More Likely To Develop The Symptoms Of Depression

Depression and diabetes are interrelated. Studies so far has established that depression leads to diabetes. But a recent study has found out that diabetes patients are more likely to develop symptoms of depression.

The team of researchers led by the Doctor Sherita Hill Golden have studied the cases of more than 5000 people. In the first analysis, she and her colleagues examined whether having elevated symptoms of depression led to type 2 diabetes. They excluded people who already had diabetes and looked for people who did and didn’t have symptoms of depression. At the end of the research, Dr. Hill reports,

We found that people who had elevated symptoms of depression were 42% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes over follow-up

She moreover said that the people who had treated diabetes were 52% more likely to develop symptoms of depression over follow-up in their study. Also the people who had pre-diabetes and untreated diabetes were about 20% less likely to develop symptoms of depression.

Golden found it interesting that people who are not aware of their diabetes are less likely to be depressed. She proposes that the reason for the link between diabetes and depression is more emotional than physiological. She opined,

people who are taking medications for diabetes may also have to monitor their sugar and health behaviors much more intensely than people who don’t carry a diagnosis. And so just the burden of the monitoring may lead to risk of depressive symptoms.

Source: Voice of America

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