Diabetes Is Harmful For Pregnant Women

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente’s Department of Research and Evaluation, find that women who developed diabetes before pregnancy, may have problems with their blood-sugar control throughout the pregnancy. The organs of a baby is developed at the early stage of pregnancy, women need to reduce their risks before getting pregnant.

As doctors are not aware of any prevention for type 1, they advise the would-be pregnant women to prevent type 2 diabetes. They say that one major reason for type 2 is obesity. It is important for women to prevent obesity. Obesity puts a lot of extra stress on the cells that make insulin.

Also, the doctors suggest to avoid unplanned pregnancy. The preconception advice and the importance of avoiding unplanned pregnancy should be included in the routine care of adolescent women with diabetes. The American Dietetic Assn. has asked doctors who treat diabetic women of reproductive age to counsel them on family planning. The another risk that diabetes brings, is infertility. Women who have diabetes at a young age should have family planning as part of their general health care.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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