Diabetes Increase Stroke Risk

A new research from the University of Alberta says that People with Type 2 diabetes the most common kind have an increased risk of having a stroke starting immediately after their diagnosis.

Dr. Thomas Jeerakathil, researcher and professor in neurology and medicine at the University of Alberta found in his new study that during the first five years after diagnosis, diabetics whose average age was 64 had a nine per cent risk of having a stroke. A healthy 65-year-old person has a 2.5 per cent risk of having a stroke over five years.

“The risk for stroke in these newly diagnosed diabetics was two-fold higher than an age-matched general population sample,” said Jeerakathil, adding he knows of no other study that looks at risk factors in the shorter term. “Persons with diabetes should understand that arterial damage is occurring early on in the disease.”

He said cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, are often undertreated in diabetic people.

“We felt that it might be possible that one of the reasons for undertreatment would be the perception that the risk from diabetes occurs in the long term, that it’s a chronic disease and there is a lot of time to take care of risk factors or that there is no upfront risk,” Jeerakathil said.

“We hope an awareness of short-term risk will improve motivation to control risk factors and that’s the bottom line,” he said.

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