Diabetes In Pregnancy Can Be Fatal For The New Born

Researchers at the Kaiser Permanent, Southern California, found diabetes, if not controlled during pregnancy, can bring problems like still birth, miscarriage and child defects. The study published at the Diabetes Care, shows the number of pregnant women with uncontrolled diabetes are increasing at a large number between year 1999 and 2005. The number is growing across all age, race, and ethnic groups. Doctors say that the diabetic women run up to a 25 percent risk of delivering a baby with a major malformation of the heart, brain, or skeleton. Thus pre pregnancy diabetes can pose more of a threat to a developing fetus. Doctors however said that since gestational diabetes usually develops late in pregnancy, it doesn’t cause the birth defects that pre existing diabetes can. Doctors of the study advise that would-be pregnant women should go to check diabetes if one of the following risk factors exists. Those factors include over weight, an inactive lifestyle, a family history of diabetes, an African-American, Hispanic, or a prior history of gestational diabetes. For the other side, the doctors say the problem can be solved with proper care. A healthy diet, proper exercise, good lifestyle and regular blood sugar check ups can make a diabetic women to give birth to a healthy baby. Doctors also suggest a planned pregnancy. Source: US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT

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