Diabetes growing among the Hispanics at high rate in Texus

Texus has seen a growing number of diabetes patients in the state. An estimated 8 percent of Victorians older than 20 have been diagnosed as diabetics, according to survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2005.

Many more are diabetic but remain undiagnosed. As many as 30 percent of diabetics don’t know they have the disease. Some ethnic groups have a genetic predisposition toward diabetes. This includes Hispanics, who comprise 40.8 percent of Victoria County’s population, according to U.S. Census Bureau numbers for 2006, the most recent year available.

More than 12 percent of adult Hispanics in Texas are diagnosed diabetics, according to the Texas Diabetes Council. For non-Hispanic whites, the percentage is 8.5.

Part of the problem is that many Hispanics don’t have health insurance and don’t get regular medical check-ups. Thirty-three percent of Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes reported they couldn’t see a doctor because of costs.

Nurture as well as nature exasperates the prevalence of diabetes among Hispanics. Many consume diets high in carbohydrates that lead to greater incidences of obesity as obesity is the leading factor in type 2 diabetes.

Source: VictoriaAdvocate

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