Diabetes Can be Treated and Prevented

It’s a disease that can take you by surprise, but it can be treated and prevented by making a more active and healthful lifestyle your defense.

A recent study found the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes has doubled over the last 30 years. Another estimated that a third of U.S. adults — more than 73 million — have diabetes or may be developing it.

But here’s some good news: Most cases of Type 2 — once called “adult onset” — are preventable. You can head off the disease with lifestyle changes. In fact, if you stay lean and fit, you reduce your changes of getting the disease by 95 percent. It’s almost totally preventable.
says Dr. Robert Rizza, president of the American Diabetes Association.

Though the exact cause of diabetes hasn’t been determined, research has repeatedly pointed a finger at obesity — usually a result of an inactive lifestyle and a poor diet — as perhaps the greatest risk of all. As weight increases, the pancreas pumps out more and more insulin to handle increased blood sugars.

Exercise and a proper diet not only can help to decrease weight, they can take a bite out of high blood sugar.

An expert, says today’s supersized meal portions and fat- and sugar-laden foods, as well as a variety of social conditions, are helping to fuel the disease. Though many believe diabetes is about eating excess sugar, “it is not about sugars — it’s about carbohydrates. They turn into sugar. That’s why diets should be based on a balance of meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and whole grains.

You’ve got to take control of it, or it’ll take control of you.

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