Depression Can Increase Death Chances Among Diabetics

A study published in the journal Diabetes Care states that people having the combination of type 2 diabetes and minor depression have a 67% greater risk of dying, while people with both diabetes and major depression have a 130% greater chance of dying, compared to those who have type 2 diabetes alone.

Based on this study a research was conducted by the University of Washington that followed 4,154 people having type 2 diabetes associated with minor or major depression. Participants were considered to have minor depression if they report 2 or 4 symptoms of depression that lasted for more 2 weeks, and major depression if they report 5 symptoms of depression over the same period of time. The reported symptoms include depressed mood, loss of pleasure, changes in sleeping and eating habits, lack of energy and changes in activity levels.

Following the above criteria, 354 participants were found to have minor depression and 497 participants were classified as having major depression at the start of the study.

During the three years of follow-up, 382 participants died from all causes. Nearly 14% of those with minor depression and 12% of those with major depression died, while slightly more than 8% of non-depressed participants died.

Studies lead researcher, Dr. Wayne J. Katon, found that the combination of the depression and diabetes 2 is deadly due to the biological and behavioural changes. The depressed person are less likely to follow the diet routine, exercise recommendations, to check their blood sugar levels or to fill their prescriptions for blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure medications.

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