Clinical Trial Raises Hope for Type 2 (NIDDM) Diabetes Cure for non-Obese With Surgery

Doctors at the Shore Medical Center in New Rochelle have something that millions of type 2 diabetes patients want to hear, a proposed treatment for the disease. Dr. Mahdu Rangraj and Dr. Leonard Maffucci believe that a surgery called duodenal jejunal bypass, is the way to reduce the blood sugar in the patient to the normal stage. The minimally invasive surgery prevents food from coming in contact with the first part of the small intestine, where some hormones that control blood sugar levels are secreted by redirecting the digestive track. In addition, the whole procedure is reversible. The doctors have so far, conducted four such successful operations.

However, it is worthwhile to note that the surgery is not for everybody as there are certain conditions. First is obesity. A patient can not go for it if he is obese. The other thing is that one must have an insulin-producing pancreas to opt for the surgery. The research is very promising. We will keep an eye on it and let you know about future developments.
Source: 1010 WINS

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