LDL cholesterol level regulates type 2 diabetic cancer

The researchers from both the Universities of Hong Kong and China have found the link between the levels of LDL cholesterol and the risk of cancer in the patients of type 2 diabetes.

Researchers have conducted the study of 6107 Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes and found a V-shaped risk relation between LDL cholesterol and cancer in patients not receiving statin therapy.

The study also shows that type 2 diabetes can lead to the risks of elevated risk of cancer, including breast, colorectal, pancreatic and liver cancers. An elevated risk of cancer in patients with low LDL was linked to cancers of digestive organs and peritoneum, genital and urinary organs, lymphatic and blood tissues as well as other areas. Patients with an LDL cholesterol level above 3.80 mmol/L had heightened risks of oral, digestive, bone, skin, connective tissue, breast and other cancers.

The lead author of the study Dr. Juliana Chan said,”LDL cholesterol levels below 2.80 mmol/L and levels of at least 3.90 mmol/L were both associated with markedly elevated risk of cancer among patients who did not use statins. Low serum cholesterol is commonly observed in individuals with ill health (e.g. cancer patients) and those with unhealthy lifestyle characteristics such as smoking and heavy drinking.”

Source: Science Daily

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