Child Diabetes Assumed to be in Alarming Proportion in Africa

The International Journal of Pediatric Obesity has reported that nearly three million people in Ghana are overweight or obese. Perhaps, this can define the reason of growing diabetes among the children in Ghana. Even health experts say diabetes can soon take the shape of epidemic there.

Mrs. Margaret Atuahene, of the School of Public Health at Ghana says diabetes is growing at an alarming rate in both rural and urban areas. It is worthwhile to mention that obesity is one major reason behind diabetes in children. Mrs. Margaret Atuahene moreover says that the probable reasons behind obesity are lack of exercise., unhealthy diet and improper lifestyle.

To describe, children spend more and more time before TV set. They are addicted to junk food. All these contribute to the growing obese population in the nation. Factors like stress, genetics come among the other reasons.

Mrs. Margaret also said that diabetes develops in children when there is too much sugar in blood and urine. The body does not produce enough insulin to turn the glucose into the needed energy. As a result, they become very weak.

She further suggested the food habit must be checked in order to control obesity and diabetes. Egg, chicken skin should be replaced by healthy foods. Also, she said that children should do some physical activities like walking, doing some work to avoid the fatal disease. She stressed the role of media to circulate knowledge about the dangers of diabetes.



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