How diabetics can enjoy christmas cakes and pastries

Don’t starve your taste-buds this Christmas, diabetics. Its festive season, and the scrumptious treats are awaiting your tongue. Why miss the cakes, pastries, pumpkin pie, when you have a more decent ways to keep your glucose level at bay.

Take the words of expert dietitian and diabetes educator,  checking blood sugar levels and maintaining good health requires you to adopt a just a few steps.

It is not junk food that matters rather it is the proportion of bad food that you intake. Keep in mind, carbohydrates are the adversaries for it can soar your blood sugar level to alarming heights. However, there is no issue missing the Christmas pie, if you are ready to plan, control the proportion and  hang on with the activities.

To begin with, chalk out a plan beforehand. Start checking the blood sugar level before the festive season begins. this will ensure that the baseline remains low before you go for the bad foods. Poke into your calender to find the dates - thanksgiving to New Year, when you would be partying. just realize, its high time to control the “crabs”. For those of you still scratching heads, why crabs? Eating carbs can raise your blood sugar levels in about two hours depending upon the fat content of the meal.

Well! Nothing to be scared, consult a diabetes instructor or get the instructions in American Diabetic Association to manage the carbohydrate consumption in your diet. Even with all this done, what you still need for good health is a exercise.

Are you still worried about missing your favorite food at the grand buffet. This is for you. Although it may sound weird, have something before you set out for the party. This will curb your appetite and ensure that you don’t pounce on the dishes you are not supposed to. Having some water or noncaloric beverage will do.

So diabetics, you know Christmas is nearing and crabs won’t allow you peace till you bite them - it’s high time you act.

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