Does diabetes type2 has its origin in your fats?

diabeticA Monash University study has proven a critical link between obesity and the onset of Type 2 diabetes, a discovery which could lead to the design of a drug to prevent the disease.

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Naturlose offers natural suger taste without calorie to diabetics

healthys-smileNaturlose (Tagatose) a natural sugar supplement product launched by Spherix, promises to help the diabetics to enjoy sweet dishes even better now with almost no side effects. Full article »

Lack of vitamin D may leads to diabetes and other dreaded diseases: Beware teens

Lack of vitamin D may make teens fat.

WASHINGTON - Lack of vitamin D is not only bad for the bones, it may also lead to fatter adolescents, according to a new study. The study of more than 650 teens age 14-19 has found that those who reported higher vitamin D intakes had lower overall body fat and lower amounts of the fat in the abdomen, a type of fat known as visceral fat, which has been associated with health risks such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension.

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Weight-loss surgery effectively resolves Type II diabetes:study shows

In a study published in the March 2009 issue of The American Journal of Medicine, investigators analyzed 621 studies from 1990 to April of 2006, which showed that 78.1% of diabetic patients had complete resolution and diabetes was improved or resolved in 86.6% of patients as the result of bariatric surgery.

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Children are at high risk of diabetes: expert study reveals

child-obesityObesity kills. A pound of useless fat in your body can literally turn you into a disease shop. And special warning to all children. They are developing excess fat in their body thus enhancing their chance of being attacked by deadly diseases like diabetes and heart troubles.

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Heart link of diabetes

diabetic-heartDo you know diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in US ?  This awesome rank holder is a cold-blooded killer. According to the survey results of the American Diabetes Association death rates due to diabetes has increased 45%.

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Kids born to gestational diabetic moms - suffer from language development problems

vocabulary-problemIt’s Quite true, children born to mothers diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy have high risks of language delay. Although there are many factors that contribute to poor development of vocabulary and grammar skills, this reason happens to be the most important driving force.

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Genera’s promising drug to treat diabetes and obesity simultaneously

The drug, Trodusquemine manufactured by leading biopharmaceutical company Genera is a highly selective inhibitor of PTP1B. The preliminary Phase 1b clinical trial of this medicine for the treatment of diabetes and obesity has proved to be highly successful.

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Top 10 ways to live with diabetes

About 23 million Americans have type 2 diabetes and many more are at high risk.
Diabetes is a metabolic as well as autoimmune disorder. It is caused by the abnormal secretion of the natural hormone insulin. Though diabetes can not be cured completely but you can kept it under control and can always live a healthy life style.

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Remedy for brain diabetes - Insulin or Low-carb diet ?

Experts are divided in their opinion of the most proper way of curing brain diabetes. Confused?  Puzzled?

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