Environmental pollution creating diabetics?

josef-stuefer-world-of-green-globeA Great Lakes study linking a pesticide in fish to diabetes adds to the growing chorus of studies suggesting that environmental contaminants may play a role in the widespread disease. Full article »

Beware diabetics ! You can be prone to kidney stone

glass-of-waterIt is an alarm for all the diabetics since it has been found that there is a link between diabetes and kidney stones. Lets read through and know about it.

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Diabetic population headed by travellers and kids

travellersThough people may argue that diabetes is mostly age related and people should go for regular walks, a recent study can make you turn by a 180 degree. The two separate studies have shown a high rise of diabetic affected population among the travellers and kids below 5.

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Diabetes type2 drug FG- 3019 will be entering phase 2 clinical trial

four_peopleMedarex has intitiated phase 2 clinical trial of FG-3019 in patients with type 2 diabetes and advanced kidney disease. In this regard, Medarex will receive a milestone payment of an undisclosed amount from its licensing partner, FibroGen.

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revolutionary drug Victoz can help obese type 2 diabetic reduce weight

obese-diabetic-on-scalesNew drug to help Type 2 diabetics lose weight being launched in UK

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Naturlose offers natural suger taste without calorie to diabetics

healthys-smileNaturlose (Tagatose) a natural sugar supplement product launched by Spherix, promises to help the diabetics to enjoy sweet dishes even better now with almost no side effects. Full article »

Veg diets can help prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases

diabetic-veg-dietWASHINGTON - Well planned vegetarian diets are healthy and nutritious for all age groups and help prevent heart diseases, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

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Scientists deactivate diabetes risk gene by “Jumping gene”

diabetes-risk-geneWASHINGTON - Scientists at the German Institute of Human Nutrition have announced this important identification of the new gene that is associated with diabetes, and of a mechanism that makes obese mice less susceptible to diabetes.

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How type1 and type2 diabetes differs in diagnosis?

type-1-diabetesThis is a query most of you have. You wonder why some one is diagnosed to have type1 diabetes when in the texts you will find that this is a genetic disease (from birth). Also in other cases, there is a very thin line of difference in symptoms for type1 and type2 diabetes mellitus. In this article we have attempted to cover a few differences that we found would be comprehensive and important for you.

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Pre diabetes detectable through breath test: Researchers confirmed

not-requiredWe all know that breathing is a top most single important thing which a living being should perform. But scientists claimed that breathing can also leads us to detect the dreaded slow killer diabetes early.

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