Widely used synthetic insulin received green signal from FDA

jabreInternational studies published last week linked a very widely used synthetic insulin to increased risk of cancer. But millions of Indian diabetes patients who use the drug have reason to be relieved after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — and other regulatory authorities across the world — have decided to review the safety of the drug but have urged patients not to stop treatment.

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India to lose $160 bn due to work-related ailments: Report

NEW DELHI - Work-related ailments like heart diseases, strokes and diabetes will likely cost India’s exchequer around $160 billion between 2009-15, an industry lobby study has said.

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Demand for honey leaf picks up due to its anti diabetes properties

VARANASI - Stevia or honey leaf, known for its antidote properties against diabetes, is becoming popular as a cure for the disease in Varanasi.

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