Top 10 “Diabetes fads” or Myths

confused-personDo you often get confused by sayings such as “whether eating too much of sweets leading to diabetes”? These are some of the myths build up by the misconception of the common people. Let us clear your doubts.

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Artificial pancreas serving perfect to diabetics

product-2009512161912In a recent research at Yale New- Haven Hospital at Connecticut, an artificial pancreas has been developed which is not only monitoring the sugar level in blood but also producing the required amount of insulin to lower it.

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Naturlose offers natural suger taste without calorie to diabetics

healthys-smileNaturlose (Tagatose) a natural sugar supplement product launched by Spherix, promises to help the diabetics to enjoy sweet dishes even better now with almost no side effects. Full article »

Veg diets can help prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases

diabetic-veg-dietWASHINGTON - Well planned vegetarian diets are healthy and nutritious for all age groups and help prevent heart diseases, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

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Top 10 delicious diabetic dishes to enjoy this sunday

how-to-enjoy-the-holidays-as-a-diabetic-5Sitting dumb and feeling bad for your taste buds? No way ! You will not be sitting like this after hearing the menu for this Sunday’s special diabetic lunch. A purely delicious array of foods specially designed to tickle the taste buds of the diabetics. So read through and pick up the dish which will make your Sunday again a Funday…..

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Diabetes, obesity, heart desises on the rise: Celebrity chefs criticicized

Celebrity chefs slammed for cooking up ‘fat-filled’ recipes

LONDON - Their dishes may taste divine, but a new report has claimed that celebrity chefs such as Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay are cooking up a recipe for heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

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Children are at high risk of diabetes: expert study reveals

child-obesityObesity kills. A pound of useless fat in your body can literally turn you into a disease shop. And special warning to all children. They are developing excess fat in their body thus enhancing their chance of being attacked by deadly diseases like diabetes and heart troubles.

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Heart link of diabetes

diabetic-heartDo you know diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in US ?  This awesome rank holder is a cold-blooded killer. According to the survey results of the American Diabetes Association death rates due to diabetes has increased 45%.

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Sedentary routine and junk food could increase diabetes risk

junkfoodSYDNEY - Sedentary routine is about to join smoking and junk food on the list of vices that heighten your risk of diabetes and heart disease, besides obesity.

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Delicious helathy snacks for diabetes nutrition

yogurt-snack-diabetesSnacks and healthy!! That too for a diabetic patient who must follow a strict dietary routine!! Doesn’t snack mean fast food and all fatty stuffs that increase calories and wreck havoc on blood sugar?

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