Beware diabetics ! You can be prone to kidney stone

glass-of-waterIt is an alarm for all the diabetics since it has been found that there is a link between diabetes and kidney stones. Lets read through and know about it.

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Top 10 “Diabetes fads” or Myths

confused-personDo you often get confused by sayings such as “whether eating too much of sweets leading to diabetes”? These are some of the myths build up by the misconception of the common people. Let us clear your doubts.

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Diabetic population headed by travellers and kids

travellersThough people may argue that diabetes is mostly age related and people should go for regular walks, a recent study can make you turn by a 180 degree. The two separate studies have shown a high rise of diabetic affected population among the travellers and kids below 5.

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Diabetics can now get the benefits of advanced electronic tracking system

mdiabetic-logbook-fxAn electronic system with personalized patient information shared by diabetes patients and their primary care providers improved diabetes care and clinical outcomes, found a new study in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

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Abdominal fat more prone to make you diabetic?

fatBen-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers, in a collaboration with colleagues from the University of Leipzig, Germany, have identified a signaling pathway that is operational in intra-abdominal fat, the fat depot that is most strongly tied to obesity-related morbidity. Full article »

Diabetes type2 drug FG- 3019 will be entering phase 2 clinical trial

four_peopleMedarex has intitiated phase 2 clinical trial of FG-3019 in patients with type 2 diabetes and advanced kidney disease. In this regard, Medarex will receive a milestone payment of an undisclosed amount from its licensing partner, FibroGen.

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Zyprexa leading to diabetes?

zyprexaEli Lilly is being sued by an Illinois man who claims he developed diabetes after taking the antipsychotic medication Zyprexa.

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Artificial pancreas serving perfect to diabetics

product-2009512161912In a recent research at Yale New- Haven Hospital at Connecticut, an artificial pancreas has been developed which is not only monitoring the sugar level in blood but also producing the required amount of insulin to lower it.

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Is Lantus causing cancer (carcinogenic) ?

ryanfirstlantusAre you using Lantus for keeping a check on your diabetes? Are you not risking your life with cancer? Well the Canadian Health Ministry have a few doubts to clear.

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Does diabetes type2 has its origin in your fats?

diabeticA Monash University study has proven a critical link between obesity and the onset of Type 2 diabetes, a discovery which could lead to the design of a drug to prevent the disease.

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