Caring diabetes may earn you incentives from employer

Nowadays modern companies began such efforts with  incentives to boost health risk awareness.  To enhanced the effort some have boosted rewards with cash, free medications and insurance discounts.

But to make the effort successful it require workers to come up and take the charge to do more to achieve both incentive and health.

In this growing health movement, Affinia has become a leader to try and motivate workers to quit smoking, start exercising, choose healthier foods and manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

More employers are offering workers financial incentives — worth hundreds of dollars in some cases — to take steps to improve their health and stem the rising cost of their care.

In 2003 Affinia Group first offered employees free testing for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes along with a attraction of $10 Wal-Mart gift card.

According to Bob Soroosh, manager, incentives and warnings regarding fatal diseases, actually worked, about 94% turned up for health tests in the first year.

Next to comes Alabama state employees, they will qualify for zero premiums on their health insurance next year if they get tested for a variety of health conditions — and will keep the discount as long as they try to lower their risk from high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity or diabetes.

Hospital giant HCA is not far behind, in April they began offering diabetic workers in the corporate offices $400 a year toward medical costs if they go to 10 counseling sessions with diabetes educators.

Another company General Electric,  already started spending more than $50 million a year on workers and dependents with diabetes,  and is in talks with UnitedHealthcare about offering the new diabetes plan.

However, though the entire effort seems to be very much encouraging, but some experts able to dig out some adverse effects, they believe that programs that rewards on actual results is a violation of US law, and can earn a lawsuit.

Source: USA Today

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