Carbohydrates Helps Improve Insulin Control

It is believed that carbohydrates, particularly sugar, are a cause of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. This line of thought has been challenged by the publication of a thorough appraisal of the evidence, in the latest edition of Nutrition Research Reviews.

Dr Neville McClenaghan, from the University of Ulster, conducted a large review of scientific studies investigating the effect of high and low carbohydrate diets on blood glucose control in people with and without diabetes.

He concludes that there is no evidence to suggest that carbohydrate-rich diets are a cause of insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes in humans. In fact, he suggests that diets rich in carbohydrates, which tend to be naturally low in fat may help improve insulin control.

Source: Innovations Report

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  1. DeWayne McCulley Says:

    Refined carbohydrates (white rice, potatoes, breads, cereals, soda, etc.) trigger the pancreas to produce extra insulin. The extra insulin inhibits fat metabolism and transforms the body into a fat-producing machine. These refined carbohydrates also trigger the liver to produce extra cholesterol (triglycerides).
    Bottom line: If you check our history of consuming too many of these refined, processed foods over the past 10-15 years, you will see one of the reasons why America is so fat, and why obesity and diabetes are at epidemic levels.
    How do I know? I used to be a Type 2 diabetic, on 4 insulin shots a day, Coumadin, and Lipitor; and, was more than 60 pounds overweight. Once I stopped eating these refined carbs and replaced them with green vegetables, Omega-3 fats, lean protein, etc. my body was able to regulate its production of insulin.

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