Can surgery be an successful alternative for diabetes

The common question that arises in the mind of each and every patients suffering from Diabetes is, whether there is any quick and sure alternative treatment like surgery.

From decades, when the diabetes came into existence doctors are working on the surgical treatment of diabetes. But  the exact cause of type 2 diabetes was still unknown.

But recently  work of a surgeon came into limelight. His name is Dr Francesco Rubino, a surgeon at Weill Cornell Medical College who has started his surgical career from 1999 doing gastric bypass for patients who needed weight loss.

He knew that the gastrointestinal tract produces, some hormones called “incretins” ,which are involved in diabetes. So Rubino thought that might be the removal of the tract be an answer. So as thought he tried out his theory in hundreds of rats.

He divided of rats into two groups. one obese rats, and other non-obese rats. He took the gastric bypass in obese rats with a “draconian diet” and compared it to see whether the operation’s effect on diabetes was solely linked to the animals’ weight loss or not. He got a major success.

Then he rerouted the upper part of the small intestine of animals of the second group that were diabetic (but not obese) so that food did not enter that part of the gut. In this case also he received success.

Finally he compare the surgery and insulin-boosting medicines. He found that the operation won out. And thus he published this major discovery in his results in 2004. This discovery proves to be a breakthrough and shortly thereafter, doctors around the world took the idea and ran with it.

Currently different trials based on this achievement are running in different parts of the world. With Dr Rubino as an consultant and advisor in a hope that soon a new surgical therapy will be invented which be prove itself as a permanent cure for diabetes.


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