Brantford Teens Enjoying Normal Life Inspite of Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM)

A number of youths in Brantford and the surrounding areas suffer from type 1 diabetes and various problems like increased food intake, excessive urine production and weight loss. But none of them has been able to stop them to enjoy lives. These youths live like any other normal youths. These youths enjoy favorite food, participate leisure activity and lead a carefree life.

Take the case of the 11 standard student Aaron Carner. He was diagnosed to be diabetic and he never tries to hide this. And this teenager enjoys computer and media study, other than taking part in extreme sports like stunt biking. Or take the case of Noelle Johnson. This 13 year old boy is suffering from type 1 diabetes from the age of 6. Even now he enjoys hanging out with friends like any other boys of his age.

However life is not always as easy for them. All these optimistic, agile youths had to face insults regarding their disease. Even all these can not stop them from enjoying life. On the contrary, these children have decided to spread awareness on diabetes.

Recently, Brantford offers a support group to help the diabetes patients, especially those who live on the insulin pump. Other than that the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has offered summer camps for the diabetic youths.


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