Booming Kenyan Diabetes Medicine & Test Market Near $27 Million

According to the survey conducted by the market consultancy firm Frost and Sullivan the diabetes medicines and diagnostic tests market in Kenya is likely to hit a $26.8 market in the coming year. Kenya already has a diabetes market of $18 million, the third highest in the sub Saharan Africa. The study published in The EastAfrican also reveals that more and more patients are using the insulin injection along with oral drug.

For example in year 2006, about 43% of the type 2 diabetes patients used the insulin injection along with the oral treatemnt. This is one of the reasons that can define the rapidly growing diabetes market in the country. As a result, more and more doctors are turning to insulin treatment along with oral treatment.

Coming to the reason behind the rapid growth, the researchers blame the factors of urbanization and diet habit. Researchers say that the urbanization and related factors like sedentary lifestyle, high fat diet, lack of exercise work behind the rapid growth of diabetes. It can be added that Kanya has a younger population of type 2 diabetes ranging from the age group of 45 to 55, as compared to 64 year in developed countries.

Source: The East African News

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