Biocon to make world’s first non-injection insulin pill

In their attempt to make the world’s first non-injection insulin pill, Indian pharmaceutical giant Biocon has been successful in the human clinical trial. The company conducted its phase II trials on the revolutionary non-tablet-form insulin (codenamed IN-105) this year.

During the study, Type 2 diabetics were given ascending single doses of 0-30 mg over separate periods. Biocon now plans longer, six-month studies on Type 2 patients. It cited the supporting views of two prominent diabetologists and its technical advisers in the project — Prof Alan D. Cherrington, Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, and Dr Harold E. Lebovitz, FACE, Professor Of Medicine, Endocrinology.

Prof Cherrington said,

“The present study shows that IN-105 delivers physiologically active insulin orally in concentrations sufficient to decrease post-meal hyperglycemia and to decrease the burden of the meal on endogenous insulin secretion.”


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