Beware Young men: diabetes type 2 may cut down your testosterone level

Slow killer diabetes is gradually unfolding it’s dark world day by day. Very recently researchers at the University of Buffalo confirmed that diabetes type 2 can lower down the testosterone level of young men.

Previously the same group of researchers informed us about the common occurrence of low level testosterone in middle-aged men.

But we should be truly obliged to diabetes type 1 as due to some unknown reason it decided to left the men testosterone level untouched.

The low testosterone level in young men with diabetes type 2  is still unknown to scientists, but for the time being they have decided to throw the blame towards obesity and or insulin resistance.

Tips for young and middle aged men with diabetes type 2 to manage their disease

a) Appropriate diet as stated by your physician

b) Exercise is a must

c) Oral medication or insulin to be taken.

d) To lift the testosterone level replacement medication can help.

Previous studies from Chicago Medical School showed that men 60 to 75 years of age who take very low doses of the male hormone, testosterone (25 to 50 mg) weekly for two years, have lower blood cholesterol levels, less body fat and greater muscle strength. Their prostates did not enlarge and their PSA blood test did not rise.

However, according to Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D., more research is needed. Older men who take testosterone, should use gel, injections or patches, rather than pills, and have their prostates checked by physical exam, sonogram and a blood test


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