Better version of Byetta claims to cure type 2 Diabetes

Now there is a good news for the patients suffering from type 2 diabetes as scientists from the Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto had announced a breakthrough discovery of new treatment named drug Exenatide which claims to treat Type 2 diabetes in just 14 injections a week. They claims that this drug works as a hormone that is normally produced in the gut and controls the insulin.

The drug named Exenatide which is prescribed to used once-weekly is a better version of an existing much controversial drug named Byetta. Scientists say that, Exenatide is a protein which slows down the emptying of the stomach and controls sugar in the blood, thus curing type 2 diabetes.

This treatment was invented by Dr Daniel Drucker, the senior investigator at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, and was experimented in a random trial involving 259 Type 2 diabetics from Canada. Patients were either given exenatide twice a day or the new treatment over a 30-week period.

The result showed that 75 per cent of the patients who received the new treatment got their diabetes under control with few side-effects like reduction in body weight and no increased risk of hypoglycemia, a decrease in blood sugars.

And so Dr Iain Frame, the director of research at leading health charity Diabetes UK says that although it is something that is very positive and encouraging, but there is a strong need of much larger study over a longer period of time to see the effects of injections once a week. This report is been published in the September issue of medical journal The Lancet.


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