Belly fat may lead to diabetes and even death

Finally its a wake up call for those living with a fat belly. And also for those who consider obesity as merely a cosmetic problem. A German study has found fat belly can be proved fatal as it can lead to diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes including premature death.

The study was conducted by the researchers in the German Institute of Human Nutrition, Department of Epidemiology. The team of researchers was led by Tobias Pischon, MD, MPH. The study was reported their study in the Nov. 12, 2008 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.

For the study, Pischon and team followed 359,387 European men and women for nearly 10 years. During the follow-up, 14,723 of the participants died. They found men and women who had largest waists were twice as likely to die prematurely as those who had the smallest waists.

Specifically, for each 2-inch increase in waist circumference, the death risk was increased by 17 percent in men and 13 percent in women.It has been known for long that people with excess weight around their middles have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. Recent research also has linked belly fat to a variety of other disease such as cancers, diabetes and age-related brain diseases.

Yet another study by the Chinese researchers, have confirmed the same. In the study, researchers from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, China looked at data for 50,905 adults age 18 to 79 enrolled in the 2002 China National Nutrition and health Survey. In the study, body mass index greater than 24 kg/m2 was considered high BMI and waist circumference greater than 85 cm in men and 80 cm in women were considered high waist circumference.


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