Infant parechovirus may later trigger diabetes type 1

Recent studies at Norwegian Institute of Public Health have found that a harmless parechovirus found in most infants is responsible for triggering type 1 diabetes.

According to the research, the virus is responsible for aggravating type 1 diabetes in infants who are genetically more vulnerable.

The study was a part of long-term project to examine environmental risk affecting type 1 diabetes.

Earlier researches indicated that a related virus that affected the rodents also linked to the development of rodent diabetes. However, the research was conducted to see the human parechovirus infections in 120 infants in high risk group for diabetes type 1 and the rest from a low risk group. Evidence of parechovirus was found in stools of a majority of infants above the age two and increased for infants of age three.

The researchers provided that infants infected with human parechovirus doesn’t show up symptoms. The total number of infections were considered when looking for triggers for type 1 diabetes among those who are genetically at risk. It was concluded that those with higher risk of diabetes genetically are victims of parechovirus infection.

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