AstraZeneca’s Oral Drug Onglyza (Saxagliptin) Successful in Type 2 Diabetes Control, May Be Available Soon

AstraZeneca, the second largest drug maker in UK is all set to launch its newest product Saxagliptin for late stage diabetes. The drug is to be released in the brand name of Onglyza. The drug which is to be released in Saturday claims to treat the late stage diabetes effectively. The new drug comes in the group of DPP-4 and is an oral one.

The results of the study as shown in the ADA symposium, finds almost no side effect. AstraZeneca is planning to release data on the effectiveness of saxagliptin when it is mixed with other drugs later this year and it expects to submit its application for marketing authorization in mid 2008.

The new AstraZeneca product is likely to compete with the similar products of other drug manufacturers like Merck and Co Inc and Novartis. To conclude, the company AstraZeneca is likely to have a tie-up with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Co to make another diabetes drug called dapagliflozin.


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