Artificial pancreas serving perfect to diabetics

product-2009512161912In a recent research at Yale New- Haven Hospital at Connecticut, an artificial pancreas has been developed which is not only monitoring the sugar level in blood but also producing the required amount of insulin to lower it.

As described by Dr.Stuart Weinzimer, of Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut,

“The sensor, just under the skin, sends a signal to the transmitter. It goes to a so-called control box, which tells the pump how much insulin to release.”

Its a wonderful invention and surely patients who continue to check their blood glucose levels after every meal, and inject in insulin to keep up the control mechanism.

To live with diabetes, to live like 14-year-old Sarah Carlow of Cheshire, Conn., is to live in a series of never-ending calculations.

“I test my blood sugar on average maybe ten or more times a day,” she says. “I check it before breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to check your blood sugars while you’re playing sports. I also have to count carbohydrates.”

Sarah must count the carbohydrates in every food or drink she consumes, adjusting how much insulin to give herself.

Now after successful incorporation of the artificial pancreas:

Sarah says she doesn’t feel a thing while this occurs. “No. Not at all. It’s an amazing thing,” she said.

No matter how much Sarah exercised or how much she ate — lunch, dinner, snacks — the artificial pancreas made all the necessary adjustments.Wouldn’t you be interested to try it out.

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