An Aspirin A Day Could Keep Diabetes Away

A newly published study reveals that, Aspirin and Aspirin like compounds called salicylates can help obese people to produce insulin and thus stave of diabetes. This study is thought to be useful to fight Type 2 diabetes. Insulin Formation & Distribution

In Type 2 Diabetes, body is either unable to produce enough insulin or is unable to work properly leading to the increase of glucose level. “Aspirin therapy improves the glucose level, and reduces the insulin requirements in diabetic subjects,” said Jose-Manuel Fernandez-Real, lead author of the study, in a release.

A research was conducted by Spanish researchers on 28 participants with an average age of 48. The men and women were all obese, with an average body mass index of 33.9. They were given 600 milligram dose of triflusal, a 900 milligram dose or a placebo. They found that the higher the dose of salicylate, the lower the level of blood sugar and the higher the level of insulin in the participants’ bloodstreams.

So, the conclusion is that the insulin level of the healthy obese people taking aspirin daily remains normal, reducing the blood sugar level. Thus, reducing the chance of Diabetes.

Source :- CBC

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