Americans reluctancy towards pre-diabetes is a shocking reality

Recent report reveals a shocking fact that majority of Americans (Fifty-seven million peoples) are suffering from pre-diabetes and yet they are unaware of it.

Different health professionals like, Pam Baggett, a clinical dietitian at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center and Patti Ruiz, diabetes educator at the hospital says that many Americans are leading a life which will lead them in a situation having number of health problems, including diabetes and even cancer issues. They say that the main reason behind this ever increasing rate of pre-diabetes is less knowledge and less concern towards their health.

Pre-diabetes is an area which measures blood sugar higher than the normal range of about 109 after fasting, but lower than the 126 level usually describing diabetes.

Ritz and Baggett, suggests some factors that act as a triggering object for Diabetes. They also suggests some precautionary measures which if taken at right time then Diabetes can be avoided and will help the people to lead a normal and safe life.

The main factors that triggers pre-diabetes and diabetes like condition are:

Obesity is reported to be responsible for a high percentage of health care costs including Diabetes. Report shows that adults in the United States gain an average of 1.8 pounds to two pounds per year.

Intake of carbohydrate is another factor that causes pre-diabetes as “Fat affects the heart and the number one complication is diabetes” says Ritz. She recommends to watch intake of carbohydrates as three pieces of bread has the same carbohydrate content as a piece of pie. There are 15 grams in a serving of carbohydrates. That can be found in cereal, bread, grains, corn, potatoes and peas. Beans are starchy vegetables. Excess serving can cause heart related issues with diabetes.

Moreover she says that, heart disease and stroke represent 65 percent of deaths in people with diabetes. People live high stress lives with no exercise and eat large servings, which causes obesity and diabetes.

Genetics also play a major role for diabetes.

Ritz says that, another major cause that increases the rate of complications for diabetes is smoking.

Although she also suggests that an individual predisposed to diabetes can successfully avoided by taking some simple precautionary steps, like-

Doing regular exercise, as exercising 20-minutes three times a week lowers blood sugar. That exercise can be as easy as a brisk walk.

Watching diet; A safe level is nine to 11 servings of 15 grams, per day, but not all at the same time. She urges people to eat all three meals and don’t skip.

Ruiz says that, lifestyle change that includes diet and exercise is necessary to live a healthy life. This can be easily done by improving the quality of lifestyle with the help of dietitian and exercising.


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