Again Four diabetic patient died due to Byetta

Four more death of the Byetta patient has been reported on Tuesday, 26th August, 2008. This makes count of 6, as on 18th August,2008 FDA announced the death of two people taking this drug.

The company official says that, out of four two death occur after the complication from gallbladder surgery, while a third died after a relapse of leukemia. The fourth death is still in the mystery as the company officials still not know about the reason behind the death.

This is the second round of negative news in a single week for Amylin and its Byetta development partner, Eli Lilly. On 18th August 2008 Food and Drug Administration announced the death of two people after developing acute pancreatitis.

Byetta, is a drug for type 2 diabetes. Earlier doctors used to prescribed twice dose of Byetta tablets per day. But now this news has arises the question of safety.


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