ACCU-CHEK promises easy blood glucose monitoring systems

In a comparative study, Roche announced to have found that ACCU-CHEK blood glucose monitoring systems and lancing devices were deemed least painful.

Roche Director of Product Marketing Jennifer Aspy said that this vibration, which occurs with conventional technology, causes side-to-side motion. This motion coupled with the lancet stopping abruptly and then bouncing back result in painful tissue damage. The technology used in the ACCU-CHEK products works in an entirely different way to greatly reduce this painful damage. ACCU-CHEK lancing devices also offer 11 depth settings, so patients can find a lancing depth to match their skin type.

This customized depth penetration avoids painful nerve endings. And high-quality ACCU-CHEK lancets use comfortable, thin 28- and 30-gauge lancets with beveled tips. Lower-quality lancets use larger needles, and many lack the beveled tips, causing skin trauma.

Results indicated that, overall, the ACCU-CHEK Aviva and ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus blood glucose monitoring systems and the ACCU-CHEK Multiclix, ACCU-CHEK Softclix and ACCU-CHEK Softclix Plus lancing devices were least painful when compared to competitors. Those competitors were:
System Lancing Device
Ascensia(R) Contour(R) Microlet(R)/Vaculance(R)
Freestyle Freedom(R) TheraSense(R) Freestyle(R)
OneTouch(R) Ultra(R)2 LifeScan UltraSoft(R)

About Roche Diabetes Care:
Roche Diabetes Care is a pioneer in the development of blood glucose monitoring systems and a global leader for diabetes management systems and services. For more than 30 years, Roche has been committed to helping people with diabetes live lives that are as normal and active as possible and has been helping healthcare professionals manage their patients’ condition in an optimal way.

Today, the ACCU-CHEK portfolio offers people with diabetes and healthcare professionals innovative products, services and comprehensive solutions for convenient, efficient and effective diabetes management-from blood glucose monitoring through information management to insulin delivery. The ACCU-CHEK brand encompasses blood glucose meters, infusion pumps, lancing and data management systems.
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Source: Marketwatch

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