24/7 glucose monitoring makes life easy for type 1 diabetics

Type 1 diabetics can now enjoy their life without worrying about the blood sugar level, as the New England Journal of Medicine has revealed about a new testing device which will automatically detect the sugar level of our body and will let us know when its low or high.

Glucose monitoring is an essential and a painful procedure for the diabetic patients. Its essential as in low blood sugar one has to take sugar, and in high blood sugar one has to take insulin. And painful because with the conventional method of sugar testing one has to prick the finger and check the sugar level with that one drop of blood that oozes out.

But now a new method of glucose monitoring has been evolved through which one will not have to prick his hand and do the test. Neither they have to worry 24/7 for their sugar level as it will automatically read the glucose level and also will let us know about the reading when its low or high. Only what one have to do is to attach the sensor to body. The sensor will read the blood sugar for 24/7 and will also let one know about their low or high sugar level.

Moreover it will also allow to upload the readings over past two weeks in the computer for better monitoring.

Dr. Richard Bergenstal of the International Diabetes Center at Park Nicollet says that, it brings an amount of testing and also a piece of mind, particularly in those times when it’s hard to think about testing, like while one is driving.

Source: https://wcco.com/

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