Diabetes, hypertension lead to pre-term births

TORONTO - Mothers with diabetes and hypertension are much more likely to deliver pre-term babies, says a Canadian study.

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Pregnant women with high blood pressure risk future complications

WASHINGTON - Healthy women who experience high blood pressure during pregnancy risk future complications like chronic hypertension, diabetes and blood clots, according to a new study.

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High blood sugar may restrict your thinking power

Think twice before raising your blood sugar level, new study suggests that higher blood sugar levels may be linked to lower brain function, in type 2 diabetes patents.

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Cardiac risks lead to stricter checks on diabetes drugs

WASHINGTON - Cardiovascular risks have prompted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US to impose additional clinical testing on type II diabetes drugs.

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Top 10 ways how diabetics should protect their feet

If high level of glucose persists in our blood for a longer period of time,  it can disturb or even stop our nerves to carrying signals from limbs to brain.

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Caring diabetes may earn you incentives from employer

Nowadays modern companies began such efforts with  incentives to boost health risk awareness.  To enhanced the effort some have boosted rewards with cash, free medications and insurance discounts.

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Diabetes type 2 could be treated by cheap aspirin-like drug Salsalate

Old is gold! Harvard researcher’s discovery in a old German medical journal shows a promising cost-effective way to help treat diabetes.

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Diabetic? plan your diabetes meal with a dietitian: its free

There are various aspects in the treatment of diabetes, each one having a very important role.
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Diabetes risk is 400% sure with Astra Zeneca’s antipsychotic drug Seroquel

Compared with other medication of the same class, the risk of developing diabetes raises almost 400 percentages while using  AstraZeneca’s antipsychotic drug Seroquel.

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Vitamin D intake delays onset of diabetes, reduces complications

WASHINGTON - Adequate vitamin D intake may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and reduce complications for those who have already been diagnosed with the condition.

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